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Our goal is to delight our clients and we will ‘go the extra mile’ to provide unrivalled personal service that exceeds their expectations. I am personally involved in all aspects of an assignment and am easily accessible. There are no organisational layers to penetrate and no passing the buck up or down the line.


We undertake that every aspect of the assignment will be conducted professionally, within the agreed timescale and with complete integrity. Our rigorous and thorough research is supplemented with our excellent network of contacts within the industry, as well as our own database. We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of our work, so discretion and confidentiality are always paramount in our approach.


We are passionate about our work, the sectors in which we work, and the clients for whom we work. We continually keep abreast of developments within our specialist sectors. We really try to understand the client’s company culture and the kind of candidate who will fit comfortably within it. We act as ambassadors on behalf of our clients by presenting their companies positively and enthusiastically to potential candidates. We are totally committed to finding the right person for the job, whatever it takes and whatever obstacles we may encounter along the way.


Ultimately, we are judged on the results that we deliver and we have a proven track record of finding exactly the right people to fill even the most demanding roles. The acid test of our performance is whether the candidates that we have installed succeed in their new roles. The most compelling evidence of this is the fact that not one of our clients has ever had to use our guarantee (which states that, if the candidate should leave within six months, we will do the assignment again for no further fees).


We are not burdened by the overheads of plush offices in major city centres or armies of consultants and support staff. We are therefore able to offer a highly competitive fee structure, which is geared to results and represents excellent value for money, that could save our clients thousands of pounds in recruitment costs.


Our aim is always to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. We are proud of the fact that the vast majority come back to us to undertake further assignments for them. In many cases, we have developed such a close working relationship with our clients that they regard us as the recruitment arm of their business.

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